ASN.1 Basics

This pages describe the basic concepts and syntactic constructs of ASN.1 may be in some funny way, just to get on with all that notation without grudgery. It contain lots of cross references, so if you can't remember something, just click that underlined text. Following pages are:

  1. types and values to see what can be done with ASN.1
  2. subtypes - how to define one (may be, two, OK ;-)
  3. names - rules to give names (recall this one when your wife is pregnant...)
  4. modules - how to built a module using ASN.1, which can safely land on Mars
  5. exports and imports - ASN.1 helps on avoiding all that border grudgery
  6. layout of ASN.1 modules, or not punk, but structured programming is not dead

Getting through all that you can return to main page of ASN.1 and read more accurate definitions unless you're the happy one, who has not to use it...